NHS Campaign: ‘Help Us, Help You’

The Covid-19 pandemic has frightened the majority of us. As people are frightened, they are not getting the help that they need from the NHS. Around half of the public in England (48%) are not seeking medical attention or are delaying getting medical advice which is a big problem for the NHS! The public need to be shown that it is safe to access treatment in order to persuade them to seek help.

The NHS realised that around half of the public were not accessing the help that they needed so they relaunched the ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign. The campaign is needed now more than ever to show that the public that it is safe to seek medical advice and treatment.

The New Campaign

Have you seen the recent NHS and public health England video on social media? To be honest, I hadn’t before I saw an article from ‘PRWeek’ on the campaign. Surely a public health campaign should reach a large demographic of people, especially those who follow NHS accounts on social media.

As I hadn’t seen any ‘Help Us, Help You’ posts on my social media timelines, I started to research the campaign. The mass media campaign uses a variety of techniques such as images and videos as well as the hashtag #HelpUsHelpYou. Many people are scared to receive treatment at the minute because of Covid-19 and who can blame them? The aim of this campaign is to persuade the public that they should get help if they are unwell and to show them that it is safe to receive treatment from the NHS during the pandemic.

Whilst I was researching the Help Us, Help You campaign on twitter, I came across this video (see below). I was very impressed with the use of influencers in the video persuading people to access their local NHS service. To sum up the video, doctors and pharmacists (micro influencers) appeared alongside Gordon Ramsay and Dame Emma Thompson (mega influencers). The message of the video was to to persuade the public to contact their GP and attend any appointments that they might have.

You might be thinking ‘why have you classed doctors as influencers?’ Doctors may not have a big social media following but they are influential figures. You are more likely to trust what a doctor tells you than a stranger. That’s because they are a credible, knowledgeable and trustworthy individual when it comes to health information. Therefore, they are an influencer as they influence the public’s opinion on health topics. In the new ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign, they are used to influence the public to seek help from their GP and to show that the NHS is still there to treat the public.

The video also used mega influencers, also known as celebrities. Gordon Ramsay and Dame Emma Thompson help advertise the health campaign to a wider demographic. The benefit of using mega influencers is the NHS can reach a larger demographic of people and increase awareness of the campaign to those who don’t follow the NHS on social media.

Another ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign that caught my eye was the maternity video (see below). The storyline shows a pregnant woman attending her appointment. This particular video has been used to persuade pregnant women to attend their regular appointments throughout the pandemic, as well as showing them that it is safe to do so.

The two campaign videos that I have shown you are equally as important and share the message that it is safe to receive treatment from the NHS. However, the first video with the influencers had 173 likes and 99 retweets, compared to the maternity video with 3 likes and 2 retweets. It could be due to the fact that the first was from NHS England and they have more followers than MFT NHS. I, however, think it shows the impact of using mega influencers in a mass media campaign.

The media team in all NHS health boards have an important task in increasing awareness of the services that are available. I think that the ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign intends to persuade the public that it is safe to access treatment but has it been successful at raising awareness? My opinion is that it probably hasn’t been as successful as they would have liked.

Let me know if you have seen the campaign in the poll below. It will be interesting to see how successful the campaign has been in terms of raising awareness.

If you are interested in influencer marketing, look out for my blog post on Friday on the different types of influencer strategies.

Happy Tuesday!


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