Asda – Delivering Kindness This Christmas

This year has been a hard year for everyone. From families to businesses, everyone has struggled at least at one point during 2020. COVID-19 has left us unable to hug the people that we want to, or to sit with a loved one for company. We are missing our families, friends and other forms of connection that we can no longer have.

In 2020, people are experiencing loneliness now more than ever. Recently the Royal Voluntary service found out that two thirds of people are experiencing loneliness and 39% of those people are unable to see their friends and family.

Asda realised that in some cases, the only interaction that the British public got was from delivery drivers so, they launched their ‘Delivering Christmas Kindness’ scheme. I think this is a very kind idea from Asda. They have taken the negative effects of the pandemic and created a scheme to help those that are lonely!

The scheme is a very simple but effective campaign for Asda. They have given their delivery drivers a badge with the words ‘happy to chat’. If a customer sees the badge, they will know that the driver is willing to speak to them if they would like to chat.

Asda have brought the scheme to life through this short video. It features delivery drivers such as Geoff Norris who was mentioned on the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. The video follows Asda’s delivery staff on their rounds as they interact with customers that are feeling lonely, as well as highlighting the ‘Happy to Chat’ badge that delivery staff will be wearing.

In addition, the video clearly highlights how isolated some people have become. Sometimes the only person that some individuals will see is a delivery driver. So, it was a such a kind idea to let those who are lonely know that the delivery drivers will chat to them!

Even though the campaign is aimed to promote that Asda’s staff are willing to help those that are lonely, it also could increase sales. If the public see that Asda are helping others, they are more likely to buy from them as they know they can chat to the delivery drivers if they are lonely. In addition, it portrays the company in a positive light. If they are seen to be helping people, they will build a good reputation with the British public.

Do you think this was a great idea from Asda? Let me know in the poll below.

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