If businesses cannot open due to the current restrictions, what are they putting out on their social media platforms?

As you might be aware, I am managing Abergele Golf Club’s social media accounts. Usually, I would post club updates, pictures of members playing, digital ads and results from the golf competitions, just to name a few.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, the club has had to close and I have had to change the content that I would normally post on their social media channels. I have found this hard as I was unsure on what content would be appropriate in lockdown and I had no competition results, for example, to share. Therefore, I looked at other businesses social media accounts to see what content they have been putting out. This led me to the question for today’s blog – if businesses cannot open during lockdown, what are they putting on their social media platforms?

To help me answer this question, I decided to look at two businesses from different sectors. The first, Airbnb, is a global travel business and the second, Tate Liverpool, is an art gallery.


As Airbnb are in the travel and tourism sector, they have faced significant problems during the lockdown restrictions. However, they have managed to turn their marketing and social media content around by inspiring their customers. They have shared images of stunning locations to help inspire their customers as well as them aiming to increase their engagement and brand awareness. Here is an example of one of their location social media posts.

In addition to the stunning images that they shared, they also used twitter to share some of their houses that their customers have wanted to stay in. I think this was a really great way to engage their customers whilst building awareness of their homes that they have around the world.

One more way they used social media to engage their customers was through their ‘Pick one: cabin edition’ post. They put together four images of cabins and asked the public to tell them which cabin they would go to after the restrictions eased. I think this is a really creative way to engage the public on social media as it gets them to comments which place they would like to go after lockdown.

Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool have had to close during the COVID-19 lockdowns in the UK. As they have been unable to invite art lovers inside their gallery, they have been using social media to share art pieces with their followers. Here are some examples:

Tate Liverpool have been able to take the lockdown situation and turn it into something positive on social media. They have shared art pieces to keep their customers and those interested in art engaged, as well as building their awareness. I think this has been really successful for them as you can see from the posts, they have done really well in terms of engagement with the best post having 31,828 likes and 263 comments. I think more art galleries should take notice of their social media content and apply it to their own platforms.

Has my research helped me answer the question?

Yes! It definitely has. Surprisingly, the businesses that I have looked at have given me some inspiration for future content on Abergele Golf Club’s social media channels.

Have you got any favourite lockdown content from businesses that have had to close? Has your business adapted their content due to the current restrictions? If so, comment your answers down below. I can’t wait to read them!

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