#ThinkB4UPost – ‘The Circle’ launches a be kind campaign after hate messages on social media.

Like many others, I was hooked on Channel 4s ‘The Circle’ during March and April 2021. I really enjoyed watching the players use tactics to win over people and thought that the social media ‘experiment’ was really entertaining.

For those of you who don’t know what ‘The Circle’ is, it is a reality game show that is based around social media. The contestants can either choose to be themselves or they can go on as a catfish, pretending to be whoever they want to be. The platform is voice activated and the contestants only meet each other when they are blocked from the circle.

Halfway through the third series, a huge problem became apparent. One of the contestants, Manrika, faced a torrent of abuse on social media. Her game plan wasn’t my favourite but she shouldn’t have faced abuse and death threats on social media. It just went too far and abuse is never ok!

However, ‘The Circle’ contestants decided that enough was enough and launched a #ThinkB4UPost campaign. The main message of this was for people to be kind as “everyone, no matter what level of exposure, has feelings”.

This video was shared on all of the contestants social media channels to raise awareness of, not just the campaign, but the message that you should think before you comment on social media and that hate should not be tolerated.

I think it is a very important campaign as there is a lot of hate on social media right now. I just would have liked to see it go further than it did e.g. more social media posts highlighting the importance of being kind and considerate with your words on social media. With the right help, this campaign could have been really successful in terms of raising awareness.

Did you watch ‘The Circle’? Did you think this campaign should have gone further? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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